Practice Roaring 20's Bingo and Play for Real Money

Roaring Twenties is a reference to a period in our Empire’s history when we fought no wars whatsoever. Instead of becoming real men in the ranks of our legions, boys were loitering about in the cities, sitting in trattorias day-and-night, drinking enormous amounts of wine, and roaring stupid songs. Not the period we can surely be proud of, but good enough to wake some nostalgic feelings. Bingo is a game about having a good time and winning a lot, so just try it and see for yourself.

To play Roaring Twenties you need to be a multitasker. You can play up to 100 cards at one time, with 91 balls and a chance for progressive jackpots. You bet per card, and your bet can be anything between $0.01 to $5.

Roaring Twenties bingo has three progressive jackpots;

Maxi Progressive Jackpot

Major Progressive Jackpot

Minor Progressive Jackpot

The Maxi Progressive is triggered with a Blackout pattern, which means you have all the spaces filled. Major and Minor progressive jackpots are triggered randomly. RTG has put a lot of effort into this game, the visuals are done very well and the layout is simple. You can track all of your cards easily - multitasking has never been this convenient. Additionally, the rules are not that different from a regular Bingo, there’s a caller and he pulls the balls out. You choose the amount of money you want to bet and winning is quite easy. Best of luck.

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