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Centuries ago, when the scattered tribes were drawn together by the might of the first Emperor, the Slots Empire was created to rule over the games of chance. It had finally manifested itself as an online casino, to invite more citizens to play and to find the true heroes. Ancient prophecies reveal that untold wealth is waiting for those bold and lucky ones who are destined to expand the boundaries of the Empire and to conquer the whole world! Brace yourselves, and prepare for the Journey!
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What would you choose? Fast and glorious cavalry charge, or slow but inevitable advance of the shield wall? To overwhelm the enemy in a glorious onslaught or to choke the life out of them by a masterpiece of siegecraft? You can choose either way. The battles can be won in an instant-play mode or by downloading our cutting-edge software, with stunning visuals and stable gameplay. Behold the Downloadable Citizen Client and enjoy even more games!
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